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Maharlikan Class Call Dated August 16, 2003

Class President: Ariel I. Briones

Class Secretary: Jesse A. Alvarez
Telefax: 812 2935

The members of PMA Maharlika Class of 1984 wish to extend their condolences to the family of a fellow Maharlikan, the late Sen. Rene “Companero” Cayetano, who was laid to rest at Memorial Gardens, Pateros, Metro Manila on 29 June 2003, 5pm. The following members of the class joined his family to his final resting place: Ariel B., Rey M., Pat M., Jess DC, Gerry A., Derick R., Jess A., Melanie B. and Gaye M. Companero Rene, rest in peace for you are now forever in the arms of the Almighty God. Goodbye!

In preparation for Homecoming 2004, we will do the following projects for this year: Shoot-fest to be undertaken by Mart Pinto and his gang; and Golf Tournament under the care of Army bugs. We do not need to strain ourselves so much to raise more funds for next year’s activity wherein we are one of the host classes. Half a million pesos additional fund is good enough for our modest preparation in next year’s activity. We would still look elegant and decent without being lavish. There is beauty in simplicity! Besides, having modest preparation is keeping in step with the times and in line with the AFP’s call for austerity.

In September 6, the Immaculates and the Plebes of Beast Barracks 1983 will have a badminton tournament at the PA Wellness Center. The tournament (read: fun games) is called HINIKA Cup, coined after the plebes’ Hinirang class and the Immaculates’ Maharlika class. Five (5) teams each for men doubles and mix doubles will be played. Our plebes promised to give us hell like the one they got from us during their beast barracks. Hihikain daw talaga ang Immaculates! I can still recall a letter of one plebe, which partly said, “…while the Immaculates are soundly sleeping, we the plebes are still wide awake; busy washing our clothes, ironing our pants, cleaning our things, and many more, until dawn…” However, that letter did not reach its precious destination. The plebe’s SL told him to ‘load’ the letter. I can already imagine the endless ‘pangangaya’ of our plebes during the games, but this is one event we must not miss. Let us be there to reminisce fond memories with our beast barracks squad mates, who are part of that proud tradition handed down to us by Dimalupig ’81 Immaculates. Is MAHAPDI Cup badminton tournament appropriate for ‘84 and ’81?

Recently, some changes in the assignments of Maharlikans had been noted, thus the need to feature once again our latest whereabouts. Let me start with the biggest group the ARMY: GHQ / Units at Camp Aguinaldo Rey Mutiangpili - C, Budget Div, OJ4; Norman Flores - C, International Affairs Div, OJ5; Raniel Ramiro - C, Plans & Program Div, OJ7; Pitong Nagrampa - C, Plans & Program Div, OJ8; Gerry Amante – Div C, OJ9; James Joven - Asst Div C, OJ2; Polonto Sumayo - Div C, OJ2; Arnel Dorado – Admin O, OJ2; Herboy Aquino – Div C, OJ2; Bernie Sun - Asst Div C, OJ3; Ed Maningding - MIG Comdr, ISAFP; Paolo Miciano – C, Intel Prod Div, ISAFP; Carlo Tabo – ISAFP; Bucoy Bustillos – MIG Comdr, ISAFP; and Francis Alaurin - CRS, AFP; HPA / Units at Ft. Bonifacio Joey De Leon - C, Budget Br, OG3; Greg Cayetano – C, Ops Br, OG3; Noel Albano - Executive Offr, OG4; Jess Alvarez - Executive Offr, OG5; Jo Barte - Dep Director, AMPMO; Lito Kakilala – C, PIO, PA; Ernie Lopena - G4, HSG, PA; Jun Loyao - C, MIPO; and Nonoy De Guzman, James Jacob, Pat Morales, Renwick Rutaquio, Noe Mislang and Wash Catameo, as students of PA CGSC; and Ariel Briones - Dep Comdr, RDC, ASCOM;

Battalion / Unit Commanders Alan Arrojado - 35IB, 1ID; Bay Pascual - 44IB, 1ID; Cas Monilla - 55IB, 1IB; Paeng Valencia - 7IB, 3ID; Eric Uchida - 15IB, 3ID; Rey Guerrero - 61IB, 3ID; Glenn Macasero - 8IB, 4ID; Egay Gonzales - 23IB, 4ID; Badong Calanoy - OIC, 75IB, 6ID; Monet Estella - 60IB, 7ID; Manny Ramos – 62IB, 8ID; Vir Capati - 3SRBn, FSRR, SOCOM; Atong San Juan - 1SFBn, SFR, SOCOM; Carlo Nava - 3LABn, LABde; Rene De Guzman – 1LABn, LABde; Johny Bergado – Svc Bn, LABde; and Ed Collado – NCO Academy, TRADOC; and Elmer Quiros – CRG Baguio; Division Staff Jon Aying - G2, 3ID, Jun Constante - G1, 5ID, Pete Hernandez - G4, 9Bde (Sep), George Avila – G3, LABde; and Noel Buan – FSRR, SOCOM; Unified Command Staff Rene Ferenal - HQ Comdt, CENTCOM; Alan Rojo - Asst U3, SOUTHCOM; Paeng Sera Jose - U4, CENTCOM; Schooling Abroad Paul Atal - CGSC Singapore; Oca Lactao - CGSC USA; Job Yucoco - CGSC Bangladesh; and Mon Bombais - CGSC Malaysia; Singapore Armed Forces Eddie Cheang – Commander of an MP unit.

Sailing the seven seas aboard their balanghay are the NAVY and the few and the proud MARINE bugs: HPN Joeroy Mendoza – ON5; Ernie Ravina – NMO; Paeng Mariano – Manager, Navy Officers Club; Roy Antonio – XA to Exec Sec Romulo; Rowell Julian – Dep TNCEO; RG Reyes – Dep OLAG, NISF; Jess De Castro – Chief Pilot DS DENR; Elmer Estilles – Marine & Security Grp; Sea Duty Bunny Gaerlan – PHILFLEET; GHQ Eboy Enriquez – C, PEMRAD, OJ6; GHQ Units Mart Pinto – MIG Comdr, ISAFP; Aaron Fetalvero and Elmer Logronio – Staff at CENTCOM; PCG Bay Ybanez – Aboard ship; Jun Agozar – Dep Chief, Marine Pollution; Dan Ubaldo – HPCG; and PT Gonzales – CGS Pasig. Soaring high with their broomsticks are the AIR FORCE flyboys: HPAF Badong Mison – Crse Dir, GSC, ACSC; Jay Junsay – Student Air GSC; Art Orticio - OPAMA; Mel Valdez – Executive Offr, PAF Proc Center; Benjie Madarang – Student CONUS; Outside Metro Manila Raul Del Rosario – Asst Comdt PAF Flying School; Jun Palisoc – 1st Tac Ops Wing, Clark Field; Werner Elpedes – Dir for Materiel, Air Educ & Trng Comd; and Dino Dino – Squadron Comdr, 206th Helicopter Squadron, Zamboanga; GHQ Nonong Patajo – Asst Dir, OSS; Joey Mirandilla –DFA Liaison to OJ5;

The super cops of PNP; Camp Crame / Metro Manila Units Nap Taas – Office of DG, PNP; Danny Pelisco and Jon Miano are at HPNP; Jojo Gentiles – I & I, SPD; Ronnie Estilles – Chief, Paranaque Police; Jun Marquez – Schooling DSC; Provincial Assignments Louie Oppus – PRO 7; Bob Villanueva – Dir, PMG Pampanga; In the BIRC are: Derick Rasalan – Manager, UCPB Alfaro Branch; Lito Domingo – Consultancy; Gabby Velasco – Basketball Coach; Bong Diesta –Asst GM, Land Bank Realty; Jun Salera – Contractor, Cebu-based; Jun Sadiarin – Manager, RCBC Banawe Branch; Al Soriano - Contractor, LEXBER Homes, Baguio-based; John Castriciones – Trial Lawyer; Dan Ebesate – Metro Cebu; Rey Jaurigue – Manager, Entertainment Business; Dan Delgado – CSO, PNOC Legaspi; Nap Angeles – Pilot, PAL; Joel Bagasin – Pilot, EVA Airways; James Pacis – PF Instructor in Jakarta; Roland Arugay – Law Student; Jun Caro – Sudan UN; Jong Arevalo – Pilot, PAL; Greg Panelo – JAKA; Willie Jimenez – Namboku Sun; Leo Primero - Web Developer/Designer, CheckFree Co., New Jersey, USA; JV Sampang – Chicago, USA; Steve Del Rosario – Marriot Hotel, Kansas City, USA; Johnson So – VP, Trust Co. of the West, LA, USA; Audie Embestro – Pres., PENTAD Corp., Nevada, USA; Rico Dacquel – Health Svc, LA, USA; Cenon Realubit – LA, USA; Jun Penola – Systems Officer (Systems Coordinator/Web Administrator) Ontario Govt; Raul Mangalindan – Sprint in Ottawa, Canada; Nap Venturina – CALTEX Phils; Jun Del Castillo – Chief Accountant, GHQ; Boy Jumamil – Practicing Lawyer; and Mar Roxas – Secretary, DTI.

My apology goes to those who opted to be anonymous. Next time kindly pop out, or better yet log in to our class website at to know the latest ‘balitang sink’, and be heard too. Once again, let us extend utmost support to our forthcoming class projects.

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